ECS-11 110V Temperature Controller

ECS-11 Temperature Controller

Big light inlet window, LED display,50% increase of display area,more fashionable, intuitive and easily readable;
+The front panel adopts color design, more artistic;
+With the function of one key recovery, multiple parameter menus optional;
+ Adopt 30A big relay and could directly drive 1.5HP single phase compressor, reducing the material cost for customers.
Technical parameters:
+Measuring range: -50℃-90℃;
+Resolution: -50℃-50℃, 1C ,others 2℃;
+Temperature control range: -40℃-85℃ ;
+Power supply: (110±10%)VAC,50/60Hz;
+Output capacity: Refrigeration: 30N110VAC;
Defrosting:natural defrosting or electric defrosting; defrosting relay is optional in electric defrosting.
1 x Mini-Temperature Controller
1 x Temperature sensor probe with cable
1 x Instruction Manual

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