ECS-16 110V Digital Temperature Controller

Temperature Controller ECS-16

Elitech ECS-16 Temperature Controller is specially designed for beverage cabinet. It has user menu and administrator menu, Control Temperature could be set through user menu ;and for a administrator menu ,it has password protection to avoid miss operation.It can switch between heating and refrigeration mode,and the relay capacity is 30 A,which could directly drive a single phase 1.5HP compressor.Defrost out is optional and defrost mode could be either natural defrost or in electric defrost (defrost relay needs to be selected).Color LED display,and work status is displayed in symbols.It adopts plug-in quick connection terminal,which highly simplify the processing for manufacturers.

1) Measuring range:-50℃~+90℃
3)Accuracy:-50℃~50℃;±1℃,others, ±2℃
4)Cabinet Temperature control range:-50℃~85℃
5)Power supply: 110VAC±10% 50/60Hz;
6)Power consumption:<3W 
7)Output capacity:
                              Refrigeration: 30A/110VAC , directly drive a single phase 1.5HP compressor;
                               Defrost: 5A/110VAC(optional)
8)Front panel protection level :1P65
9)Ambient temperature:0℃~55℃ 
10)Storage condition:temperature-25℃~75℃ 
11)Storage humidity:20%~85%(non condensing) 

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