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8 Ways Temperature Monitoring Systems Can Solve Logistics Problems

  • Nov 25, 2021
  • By Elitech Technology,
  • 10 Comment

Medicine, meat, flowers, and all goods that require temperature control have one thing in common.

They all are monitored during transport to make sure they are fresh and in usable condition. That’s the first glimpse into the concept we are discussing today, temperature monitoring systems in logistics. You’ll learn the basics of a temperature monitoring system, what to look for in choosing a system, and how it can solve logistical problems. First, we’ll jump in by answering the most basic question: What is a temperature monitoring system?

What is a temperature monitoring system?

   A temperature monitoring system controls and regulates the temperature of a particular environment. A temperature monitoring system has become an essential part of healthcare, hospitals, clinics, food business, and other industries in recent years.
   With a temperature monitoring system, you can easily track, control, and regulate the products’ temperature in a specific environment. A temperature monitoring system makes sure that your temperature-dependent products stay safe as they are being transported.
   What temperature monitoring systems offer Here are some of the critical features of a standard temperature monitoring system:

Automatic alerts
You’ll get automatic alerts on activities like high and low temperatures. This way, you can learn when or the extent to which the quality of your products may be compromised.

Notifications for change in temperature
A slight change in temperature will alert the monitoring system, and you’ll get a notification about the rise or drop in temperature. It will help you to contact the logistics team and inform them about the situation quickly.

The temperature monitoring system will automatically generate reports that you can analyse trends and take new measures accordingly.

Temperature tracking
Now you don’t have to manually call or check to maintain updated temperature readings or receive updates on the products. With a temperature monitoring system, you can easily track the temperatures fluctuations.

Customised indicators
With a temperature monitoring system, you can easily customize indicators for minimum and maximum thresholds based on the type of product or container. You can also reset the indicators on the go to reflect changing needs.

At least around 20% of pharmaceutical freight gets damaged in transport, which means that temperature monitoring systems are one way to go to avoid losses.

What should be taken into account in selecting temperature monitoring systems? This brings us to the next section.

What to look for in temperature monitoring systems
There are multiple things that should be considered in temperature monitoring systems as the stakes are high. Below are six features that will make up a reliable and useful temperature monitoring system.

Over-time temperature data
Prevention is better than cure, right? Knowing the temperatures your products have gone through will help you to make informed decisions. From swapping out some products to opening a dispute, over-time temperature data is an objective source of facts in your products’ lifecycle.

Over-time data will assist you in being better at preventing loss, managing incidents, and more. You can make quick decisions to save your business and make real progress.

Package-level monitoring
Shipments that are compact and portable are often at risk. It’s essential to track the temperatures of individual packages that were outside cold rooms for longer than the rest of the shipment.

Sensors must be a part of your shipment to ensure package-level monitoring. The hardware must be attached to every other package and stay connected with the parent system so that the containers can be easily monitored.

Reliable analytics
Faulty sensors or broken equipment can lead to false alerts and vague reporting data. The data that your temperature monitoring system collects must be reliable. Consistency over time guarantees the best results.

If the analytics of your temperature monitoring system isn’t reliable, it can affect your business. A false temperature alarm here and a wrong alert there can take a toll on your business, so it’s essential to make sure that your system is working all the time correctly.

Data is everything when you are monitoring the temperature of products that are far away from you. A faulty system can produce the wrong information, which defeats the whole purpose of a temperature monitoring system.

Invest in a reliable temperature monitoring system so you can make the most of analytics.

A temperature monitoring system must be easy to understand. An average user should be able to monitor, analyze, and make the most of the temperature 

monitoring system without scratching their head.

Your temperature monitoring solution must be simple, relevant, and customizable. Furthermore, it must also be easy to set up, to troubleshoot or debug, and continually fine-tune as your relationship to the technology strengthens. If your system is hard to configure, it will waste your both time and money.

Look for a user-friendly temperature monitoring system that is easy to understand and can be configured by any non-tech-savvy folk.

Responds to incidents

There are plenty of things that can go wrong in a temperature monitoring system. And most of the risks can be covered by alerts, responses, and plans. But what about exceptions?

Your temperature monitoring system must account for external help whenever needed, like professionally trained people to handle coolant spills and spoilage support.

All-in-all, an excellent temperature monitoring system should be able to cope up with complications at any time of the day.

10 Comment

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