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Elitech Digital Thermometer - Control Temperature of Your Goods or Foods

  • Jul 09, 2020
  • By Elitech Technology,
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Digital thermometer as one part of Elitech businesses, it has been developed since 1996. So far, we have different kinds of thermometers used for home temperature monitoring, food temperature monitoring, vaccine temperature monitoring and so on.

Thermometer for Home: BT-3, DT-6, DT-7,LT-2A,SDT-1

5 Benefits of Monitoring Temp & Humidity Indoor or Outdoor:

  • To keep a certain product fresh in a room like where fruits and vegetables are stored, or a sealed box like a cigar in a humidor;
  • To monitor the environment for fermentation like in beer or winemaking or for incubation of eggs;
  • To ensure the maintenance of good quality in some special personal collections like paintings, guitar or clothing;
  • To give a healthy environment, for example, maintaining a good air quality to avoid dryness on skin and eyes that causes discomfort and breathing-related illness like asthma.

    Among these thermometers, SDT-1 is a special one which is designed for aquarium or fish tank. It is allowed to submerge into the water, making water temperature measurement more accurate.

    Thermometer for Food or Beverage: WT-9A,WT-10,WT-1,WT-5

    This kind of  thermometer is a perfect tool with high precision, low power consumption, fast measurement, simple modeling, etc.
    Durable kitchen thermometer with quick probe made from food grade stainless steel with an friendly ABS plastic body will serve you for indoor and outdoor cooking be it meat, pastries, baking bread, deep frying, candy or drinks like tea, beer, milk, yogurt, wine.

    Thermometer for Vaccine or Medicine: VT-10, VT-10B

    Vaccines need to be kept below certain temperatures to remain effective. To prevent them from spoiling when being transported over long distances and in hot climates, a cold chain system is established. This refers to the various means by which the vaccine is kept cool – from when it leaves the laboratory to when it is needed for use.

    VT-10 and VT-10B vaccine thermometers with external/internal dual temperature measurement function, LCD screen, also the minimum/maximum memory, high/low alarm setting, etc. The external sensor line is 3 meters long and has a closed buffer to ensure that the temperature measurement is not affected by rapid or frequent fluctuation. Mainly used for medical refrigerators, food freezers and other equipment.

    The difference between VT-10 and VT-10B is the former whose temperature sensor is kept in glycol bottle. Some people may wonder why this is special? 

    Suspending a probe in a sealed glycol bottle helps to prevent intermittent air currents from throwing the readings off and averages out the temperatures of the surroundings, consequently reflecting the actual temperature of vaccines inside refrigerators.

    Except these digital thermometers, we will soon have brand new models to the market in 2020.


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