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Elitech HVAC Gauges/Digital Manifold

  • Jun 24, 2020
  • By Elitech Technology,
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High-quality refrigeration gauges and testing instruments are vital assets for technicians to excel in the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC/R) sector.

Over the past five years, Heating & Air-Conditioning Contractors in the US industry grew by 3.1% to reach revenue of $94bn in 2018.

A recent study predicts the HVAC industry will achieve a five percent growth in the United States in 2019. If you want to join this industry as a technician, now is a good time.

Whether you’re a DIY person or a technician joining the HVAC industry, learning how to use HVAC gauges is the smartest move you can make.


A gauge is perfect for tool for measuring pressure. It’s a popular device with technicians working on condensing units or evaporators in air conditioners.

When training how to read HVAC gauges, you must learn the basic parts. These are:

Single Low or High Pressure gauge:


Wireless Bluetooth Single Pressure Gauge:


Digital Manifold Gauge:


Wireless Manifold Gauge(temperature&pressure)


Vacuum Gauge:



You must equip yourself with the necessary HVAC tools every time you work on a project. A set of pressure gauges is one of the most important assets when working on HVAC systems.

An HVAC gauge reads the pressure of various liquids and gases in an air conditioning system. It’s also crucial for reading vacuum pressure when pressure testing or charging a cooling system.

This is the most important set of instruments for measuring if every device in the HVAC system works properly. It’s also crucial as a diagnostic tool, and comes in handy for HVAC servicing and replacement.

Your HVAC gauge set is important in the HVAC work environment as an industrial pressure gauge is in an industrial facility.


Installing HVAC gauges is an essential skill for an HVAC contractor. After learning the workings of HVAC gauges, making the right connection is critical for the job.

An HVAC gauge uses flexible hoses with connectors on both sides.

For safety and to make work easier, the hoses have the maximum pressure indicated in PSI or bar. Many people trying DIY HVAC maintenance make wrong connections. The higher pressure can burst the hose.

Here are the steps to follow for the right HVAC gauge connection:

Note the correct connection for the hose and the ports. The red port and red gauge go together. These are the high-pressure gauges.

The low-pressure side goes to the blue port on the gauge. You should connect the lower pressure side to the blue pressure gauge using a blue hose.

For discharging a unit, you need a disposal hose attached at the center of the manifold HVAC gauge. Use the larger black low-pressure hose and a refrigerant recovery bottle attached to the manifold. This prevents violation of federal laws on disposal of refrigerant to the environment.

There are additional ports for attaching other gauges or a micron meter. On the manifold, you’ve more ports to attach these gauges. In case you need to connect a vacuum pump, you can use these ports as you service the air conditioning unit.

The AC gauges have pressure and temperature charts in gauges. You can find the pressure of refrigerant using the pressure-temperature chart included. The charts contain temperature scales and various types of AC refrigerant pressure.

Last, we would like to introduce our new digital manifold and it will be on the market soon.

The main feature of this manifold:

Pressure levels

This data helps to calculate the theoretical evaporating and condensing temperature of the refrigerator. The device's two temperature-compensated pressure sensors make automatically recording this data seamless

Superheating and subcooling temperatures

These are critical to the refrigeration cycle, which makes accurate data calculation essential. Testo's solution replaces manual summation with a digital process, to reduce time and the risk of human error.

Vacuum measurement

The instrument's precision Pirani vacuum gauge digitises this step and makes it easier than ever to evacuate refrigeration systems for testing.

Whatever HVAC service job you plan to do, it is important to carry these crucial instruments. This is the only way to improve accuracy and efficiency in your work.

If you’re in the market for the best HVAC gauge set, continue exploring our site to find more pressure measuring equipment.

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