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Elitech Laboratory was accredited by CNAS Laboratory

  • Dec 26, 2021
  • By Elitech Technology,
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   On November 3, 2021, Elitech Laboratory (hereinafter referred to as “laboratory”) successfully passed the “China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS)” calibration laboratory accreditation, was awarded the “Laboratory accreditation Certificate”, and was listed in the “National Laboratory” list.

   This indicates that the Elitech laboratory has achieved the internationally recognized calibration experiment level and management ability standard, and it is also conducive to the introduction of international technical standards to improve the accuracy, effectiveness and scientific of its own product testing, and become a world-class experiment laboratory in the future. In recent years, the laboratory is an open and shared test platform that Elitech Electric has concentrated on to build. Elitech Laboratory was established in 2006, applied for CNAS review in June this year, and obtained the accreditation certificate in November. It plans to relocation to Building 3 of Elitech Park, which will be formed with the R&D and Innovation Building, Intelligent Manufacturing Factory, Environmental Simulation Laboratory, etc. as the main body of the Elitech “Life Science and Food Cold Chain IoT Industrial Park” (the Elitech Park).

   In addition to calibration equipment such as FLUKE platinum resistance thermometer, German Weiss Fuchs temperature and humidity test box, Elitech laboratory currently has C-180 programmable temperature and humidity change box, E5061B-3L5 network analyzer, 7637 test system. There are more than 100 sets of comprehensive test benches and other equipment, which can complete the software test, performance test, lightning surge test, cycle drop test, electrostatic discharge and other electromagnetic interference tests in the product development process, as well as high and low temperature storage/ work, temperature shock, high and low temperature alternating damp heat, vibration and other environmental tests. At the same time, in order to maximized the role of professional demonstration, the laboratory has also introduced experienced professional engineers to participate in the use and management of the equipment and provide comprehensive technical support for the exclusive test plan of cold chain temperature control monitoring equipment that meets the advanced level of the industry, prompting the laboratory’s hardware conditions, test levels and quality calibration capabilities have reached a new level.

   Since its establishment, the laboratory has successively provided professional testing services for cold chain and industrial refrigeration control, cold chain Internet of Things, instrument tool AI, Elitech cold cloud system, environmental technology and other business units, involving serialized temperature control intelligent terminal perception and data sharing, full cold chain sensor fault diagnosis system and other frontier fields have strongly promoted the scientific research and technological progress of the cold chain industry. In additional, the laboratory also provided strong support for the verification of the “key technology of vaccine cold chain system platform based on multi-source data perception” (currently in a leading position in China and reaching the international advanced level).

What is CNAS?

   The China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) is currently the only domestic institution that is qualified to issue nationally accredited laboratories and is approved and authorized by the National Certification and Accreditation Administration (CNCA) in accordance with the Regulations on Certification and Accreditation. The accreditation audit takes the longest time and is the most difficult to pass. It is an authoritative certification body for international mutual recognition.

   China’s national accreditation system for conformity assessment has been integrated into the international mutual recognition system and occupies an important position in the international mutual recognition system. At present, China has signed mutual recognition agreements with 54 laboratories and 35 quality management system certification bodies in other countries and regions. Obtaining the CNAS laboratory accreditation certificate indicates that the Elitech laboratory has achieved the national accreditation level. It is not only capable to carry out calibration tests internally, but also expand the calibration business externally, and issue a calibration certificate with the same effect within the scope of accreditation.

The role and significance of CNAS:

  • Carry out calibration services in accordance with international standards, provide credible and effective data
  • Increase prestige, enhance competitiveness, and win the trust of the government and all sectors of society.
  • Promote the improvement of management systems, improved management and technical capabilities, and achieve overall goals.
  • Participate in bilateral and multilateral cooperation in international laboratory accreditation to promote the development of industrial technology and commerce.
  • CNAS national laboratory accreditation logo and ILAC international mutual recognition joint logo can be used within the scope of accreditation.


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