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Elitech Refrigerant Scale- HVAC Technician Must Have Tool

  • Jun 10, 2020
  • By Elitech Technology,
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If you are an HVAC technician or are training to be, It’s absolutely essential have a refrigerant scale in your tool bag. These scales make it easier to calculate how much refrigerant should be removed or placed in the refrigeration unit.

They are the perfect tool for an HVAC technician as they help them to get the job done effectively. Moreover, they are also helpful in detecting any leaks during routine maintenance.

An accurate reading is highly valuable, as it ensures the correct amount of refrigerant is being recovered or charged from the compressor. This helps you to bill your customer accurately and keeps the system working at energy efficient, optimal performance level.

What Are Refrigerant Scales?

Refrigerant scales are used not only when initially installing refrigeration units, but also during routine maintenance and repairs. As the liquid or gas is removed from the compressor the scale measures its weight. While troubleshooting to find a leak, the scale can be incredibly useful for techs.

Too much or too little refrigerant can create long-term issues on the compressor from strain, thus shortening the lifespan of the equipment. Without correctly gauging how much refrigerant is necessary for cooling units, it can cost building owners big time in extra energy costs.

How Refrigerant Scales Work?

Refrigerant scales work much like a bathroom scale on the basic level. You place the refrigerant tank on the platform, and a display will show you the weight of the tank and the refrigerant it contains.

If you are filling a system from the tank, you can watch as the weight of the tank on the scale decreases, knowing exactly how many pounds or ounces you have added to the system. Likewise, if you zero out the weight with an empty tank on the scale, you can see how much refrigerant you have recovered from a system.

These numbers will give you precise measurements (usually to either a tenth or hundredth of a pound), so you know how much to charge the customer, how much refrigerant is left in your tanks, and how much you need to use to fill the system to proper levels.

While you can use the pressure on the gauges to get close to the correct amount, a scale will tell you exactly. Having the exact amount of refrigerant in the system will prevent overheating, prolong compressor life, and make the entire system more efficient.

How to Choose an Elitech Refrigerant Scale?

What is it that makes a refrigerant scale high-quality? The perfect model for you will be durable, accurate, and affordable. It will also weigh to the measurements you need (how many digits after the decimal?) as well as have a platform large enough for the tanks you use in the field.

Accuracy and Resolution

The first concern is obviously the accuracy of the scale. There isn’t a point to having a refrigerant scale that doesn’t weigh accurately. All scales will have a build-in fault, but the lower the fault, the better for you.

  • Up to accuracy ±0.05% rdg + 5g: LMC-100F
  • Up to accuracy ±0.05% rdg + 10g: LMC-100A/LMC-200/LMC-210/LMC-210L/LMC-300/LMC-300L/LMC-310
  • Up to accuracy ±0.05% rdg + 25g: LMC-200A/LMC-210A/LMC-300A/LMC-310A
  • Resolution: 2g(LMC-100F only), other models 5g.

Readability & Display

There are a lot of different handhold controllers out there to choose from, and you need to find the one that works best for you. High-intensity illumination on a digital screen will do well in direct sunlight. You can also find wireless display that use Bluetooth to send the measurements to a handhold controller or even your smartphone.

  • Wired Controller: LMC-100A/LMC-100F/LMC-200/LMC-200A/LMC-300/LMC-300L/LMC-300A
  • Wireless Bluetooth Communicated Controller: LMC-210/LMC-210A/LMC-310/LMC-310A
  • Wireless Bluetooth App Display: LMC-210/LMC-210L/MC-210A/LMC-310/LMC-310A

Weight Capacity:

Elitech refrigerant scales measure up to 330lbs.

  • 330lbs/150kg: LMC-200A/LMC-210A/LMC-300A/LMC-310A
  • 220lbs/100kg: LMC-100A/LMC-200/LMC-210/LMC-210L/LMC-300/LMC-300L/LMC-310
  • 110lbs/50kg: LMC-100F

Extra Features:

In order to try to gain as many customers as they can, and to stand out from the crowd, Elitech  adds additional features to our scales.

  • Non-slip platform for all models
  • Heavy duty case- LMC-100A/LMC-100F only
  • Charging Valve- LMC-300/LMC-300A/LMC-310/LMC-310A only
  • Alarm Function: LMC-310/LMC-310A

If you’re an HVAC tech looking for a good basic and accurate digital refrigerant scale for charging and recovery there are many available.

With the many available be sure to purchase one that fits you.

If you are a professional HVAC tech finding a unit that is durable and lasts a long time with accurate readings will be best.

If you are a DIY homeowner or part-time tech a budget unit may be a better option and cost less.


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