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Expo Frio Calor Argentina 2022-Elitech Tools

  • Aug 31, 2022
  • By Elitech Technology,
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   Expo Frio Calor Argentina 2022 is one of the meeting locations  between professional technicians and enterprises working in the field. A venue for gaining knowledge about emerging technology, consumer goods, and the most recent market trends.To gain more information about the Exhibition schedule and the names of the firms which attend the Expo Frio Calor please click here.

   The ideal setting for training and receiving both commercial and technical trade information, as well as taking part in conferences, seminars, and congresses.

   We are grateful for the contributions made to the accomplishment and importance of this exhibition by Elitech Brasil,  Instituto de Capacitacion Laboral, and several other participants. The Instituto de Capacitacion Laboral is devoted to preparing people to work in the refrigeration services industry. Their workshop is located in CABA, Buenos Aires, Argentina, and they offer face-to-face training classes there. We would especially like to thank Diego Punturiero for videoing Elitech tools during EXPO Frio Calor 2022.



    The followings are the some of topics that were presented during the Expo Frio Calor Argentina 2022:

   Recognition of basic components of an original electronic board and measurements of NTC sensors

   Software, mobility, and productivity for maintenance service companies

   Digital Tools and Instruments for Refrigeration System

   R32, replacement of R410A, characteristics, and safe handling in Air Conditioning equipment.

   Present and future of refrigerants



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