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Food Solutions-Elitech Wireless Temperature and Humidity Data Logger RCW-360WiFi and RCW-800WiFi

  • Oct 27, 2021
  • By Elitech Technology,
  • 9 Comment

   As we all know, a data logger can monitor food conditions to ensure that temperatures and humidity in the storage or transportation processes do not climb higher or drop below than set parameters.

   When a refrigerator breaks down, it can cause a range of significant problems – insufficient cooling will lead to food items falling outside of a suitable storage temperature, which can lead to quality defects and wasted products. This doesn't just represent a time and production cost to businesses. It can also have an impact on the health of consumers if compromised food is not picked up on.

   Whether you need a temperature logging system for your food warehouse or you need a temperature tracking system with live alerts to monitor temperature-sensitive food in transit, the final choice usually depends on answers to the following questions:

  • How often do you need to measure temperature or condition data?
  • Do you need alerts when conditions exceed acceptable thresholds?
  • Where do you need to view or manage the data; is it a PC, mobile, or an online system?
  • Does the data logger need to be waterproof or work in harsh environments?
  • Do you need to set up and deploy the system yourself?



Why use a wireless temperature data logger for your food monitoring, there are 3 things you need to know:

1. 24/7 Monitoring of your food

   It is very expensive to hire someone for recording temperature change manually While adding a data logger to a food management process is simple. You can install one just about anywhere. Once it is being charged and the parameters are set, the data logger is ready to use. It can interface with a computer wirelessly. You can also have recorded data sent to your smartphone via an app. If your previous food management process involved a thermometer and the occasional observation, a data logger will bring you ongoing observation.

2. Unlimited storage of temperature data in our cloud platform

   It can be very had to find out when an issue arose that pushed temperature conditions beyond a desirable level if perishable food reaches their destination and have already spoiled. Without this information, operators can't make changes in their supply chain processes and cold room facilities to avoid repeating their mistakes.

   Wireless temperature data loggers, by monitoring food stock continuously, are equipped to store a large number of data readings within the instrument. Operators can then connect to the logger and check when temperature conditions fell outside a desirable range, making it easier to pinpoint equipment failures or occasions when cold chain workers may have compromised safe storage conditions.

3. Keep of track data anywhere anytime!

   With a wireless data logger, when food temperature excursions occur, technicians can easily get ambient temperature information (and other relevant cold room environmental factors such as relative humidity and the core temperature of selected stock). This makes tracking food safety compliance simpler while being able to share this data as a report or graph makes ensuring high food quality simpler again.

  We are committed to providing the data loggers needed to help food safety and make people do their work more comfortably and effectively.


9 Comment

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