How to Operate Elitech Data Logger Software

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1. Explanations upon all the five existing softwares:

Elitech Temp Logger Win: For all Windows operation systems, compatible with RC-5, RC-5+, GSP-6, RC-4, RC-4HC, RC-51 & RC-51H, RC-19, LogEt 8 Food & LogEt 8 Life Science data loggers.

Elitech Temp Logger Mac: For Mac operation system, compatible with all temperature data loggers.

Temtop Temp Logger Win: Windows software for all data loggers under Temtop, compatible with Temlog20, Temlog20H, MT-1 & MT-2.

EK-3030E: For EK-3030E Temperature Controller. 

ETAG-1: For ETAG-1 Temperature Data Logger.


2. Explanations upon software settings:

After proper downloading and installation, our users will need to configure the parameters in the software before put the logger in use. Please navigate to the Parameter tab, there are a few settings that we need to be aware of:

Log Clock: Not configurable. But the time will sync with that on the computer after our user click the Save Parameter button under the Parameter tab. After that, plug out the logger and then plug in, the time on the software will be updated.
S/N: Not configurable.
Run Time: Not configurable. It depends on the total points of the logger and the log interval, and will change with the interval time.
Address: Configurable. But with no particular meaning, please leave it be.
Trip Description: Configurable. The info entered here will be shown on the report, it can be used to differentiate one logger from another.
Log interval: Configurable. Means how often our user want the logger to perform a reading, it can be 10S, 1minute or 1day.
Start Delay(H): Configurable. Meaning after you press the button on the logger, how long it would wait to officially start logging.
Press button: Configurable. Meaning after we press the triangle button for 4 seconds on the logger to start logging, we can still press this very button to stop the logger.
Temperature Unit: Configurable. Choose the temperature unit we want to see on the logger and on the report, it could be Celsius or Fahrenheit.
High/Low limit: Configurable. The upper and lower alarming point you want to set. After we configure this part and if the logger is with alarming function, each time the temperature is out of the normal range, the logger will give buzzer or LED flashing alarm.

3. How to Operate the Software:


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