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Brand New- Elitech Refrigerant Leak Detectors- ILD Series and IR Series

  • May 17, 2020
  • By Elitech Technology,
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Infrared technology is commonly used across a wide range of HVACR applications including equipment rooms, cold rooms, supermarket refrigeration, and refrigerant handling centers. It relies on a beam of light in the infrared range (between 700nm and 1 mm) that is used to measure the concentration of gases in sampled air. Elitech’s infrared refrigerant leak detector adopted the one of infrared technologies in refrigeration sensor non-dispersive infrared(NDIR).

Non-dispersive infrared detection principle of Elitech ILD series and IR series refrigerant leak detectors:

A special infrared black body light source is used to emit high-intensity thermal radiation energy and control the infrared wavelength in 8-14um band by an optical filter; When the infrared beam enters the special air cavity and penetrates the sample gas, the corresponding wavelength is absorbed by the gas and changes subtly in the receiver, which collects, filters, amplifies, filters out the interference data so as to locate the leak source.

Let’s start with ILD series, which includes 3 models: ILD-100, ILD-200, ILD-300.

When it comes to refrigerant leak detection, accuracy will be the top priority. Each HVAC tech expect to have one to detect even small leaks very fast and accurately. Elitech ILD series has 3 selectable sensitivity levels -High/ Medium/ Low with a maximum sensitivity up to 0.14oz/yr. It triggers on all halogenated refrigerants much more precisely than conventional corona sensor and moderate heat-diode sensors. Moreover, Its sensor life extends enormously for a maximum of 10 years. Techs will not doubt its authenticity as it meets EN14624, SAE-162, SAE-2791 and SAE-2913 standards.

What is in the coming order? It will meet all your demands.

1 x Heavy-duty Case;

1 x Handhold Refrigerant Leak Detector;

1 x Packet of Filters(10)

1 x Power Adapter

1 x USB Cable

1 x UV light

The second one is IR series, and this time we will only focus on IR-200 model.

As a HVAC leak detector with a dual sensor- IR sensor and heated diode sensor, IR-200 is one of the most advanced refrigerant leak detectors on the market now. It will be our most popular product in 2020, and you may never see such a kind of detection sensor from our other competitors. Its price is quite reasonable, so why pay more for a single heated diode leak detector and you can not get an extra infrared leak detector?

Its superiority to other leak detectors is easy to see:

  • 3 levels of infrared sensitivity adjustable, 1000 levels of heating diode automatic adjustment; With a maximum sensitivity of up to 4g/yr.
  • Large TFT screen advanced leak detector animates leakage, sensitivity, battery levels, and sensor faulty indicators and presents more clear and easy readings.
  • Pressing the PEAK button to mark the maximum leakage value during measurements.

If you are considering your budget, Elitech offers you a great solution: Free return or exchange within 3 months + 3 Years Warranty!!!

2 Comment


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