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Product Temperature Precautions in Cold Chain Transportation

  • Sep 27, 2021
  • By Elitech Technology,
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   The important thing of cold chain transportation is the temperature control in the transportation process. Products must stay in a suitable temperature environment to keep fresh. Here briefly lists some temperature precautions of products in several fields.

   Take the China The COVID-19 vaccine as an example. The COVID-19 vaccine supply chain is one of the most complex pharmaceutical logistics supply chains in history. The first and most important level of vaccine transportation is temperature.It must be required that the whole process from production to distribution to users of COVID-19 vaccine cannot be broken, and the temperature of all links must ensure 2-8℃.There must be whole process temperature monitoring and complete data tracking and uploading in all links. As for the temperature requirements in distribution, the refrigerator truck shall be equipped with two sets of temperature recorders, one for use to record and transmit temperature, position and other data in real time and another for standby. The temperature measurement accuracy of temperature monitoring equipment shall be within ± 0.5 ℃. The temperature recording interval shall not exceed 5 minutes per time. When the monitored temperature value exceeds this specified range, it shall be recorded at least every 2 minutes. In addition, temperature alarm shall be set and can alarm in critical state.


   Medicine is indispensable in our life. The quality of drugs is directly related to our life and health, so we must strictly control every link of drugs from raw materials to finished products. Cold chain transportation is widely used in the distribution of drugs. The storage and transportation of most cold chain drugs need to be carried out under the condition of strictly limited indicators and ensuring that the validity period and efficacy of drugs are not lost. What is important is that low temperature and constant temperature must be continuously maintained during transportation and handover.

   Different varieties of fruits have different suitable storage temperatures. Cherry, as a kind of berry, is not resistant to storage. refrigeration and fresh-keeping measures should be taken to ensure its high freshness after long-distance transportation. Controlling the temperature at 0℃ can prolong the preservation time of cherry to the greatest extent. For most apple varieties, the storage temperature range is -1℃-2℃. The safe transportation temperature of grapes during long-distance transportation is 1℃-10℃. As for banana, 12℃-14℃ is proper for it is maintain good quality.

   The transportation conditions required by different products vary greatly. Several aspects should be paid attention to during transportation, including good quality inspection, suitable packaging satisfying products’ characteristic and keeping the products at their required temperature.

1 Comment


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Jan 19, 2022

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