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Vaccine Real-time Temperature Monitoring Solutions

  • Nov 23, 2020
  • By Elitech Technology,
  • 3 Comment

Vaccines must be stored within a specific safe temperature range of 2-8degC to maintain and make sure its effectiveness. Some of them required to be kept in temperature as low as -80degC. This requires a special deep freeze monitoring solution starting from the vaccine production to storage and transportation. The cold chain starts from the time the vaccine is produced until it reaches the customer’s end. This is where the vaccine cold chain monitoring come in place.

The Disease Prevention and Control Center mentioned that the COVID-19 vaccine require diligent vaccine management to prevent wastage. The COVID-19 vaccine must be kept below 8degC, distributed and stored at -20degC, 2-8degC for up to 7 days in order to maintain its quality and reliability. In order to so, the regulatory requirements require strict records throughout the distribution and storage process.

Elitech data loggers GSP-6G, logEt 8 PTE, RC-5+, Tlog B100/100E help you to keep and log the temperatures of the vaccines during the entire storage and transportation process. Just press the start button to start temperature recording before placing the data logger into the package for vaccine distribution. A PDF report will be generated once the receiver plugged onto the PC without any data management software. It is simple and convenient to use even if you are not a technical person.

Tlog B100/100E provides the convenience of Bluetooth data transmission. Temperature data report can be read and generated via Elitech iCold data logger APP on your mobile phone. Just get the mobile phone close to the package or the storage refrigerator and pair with the logger, you will see the data instantly without the data logger physically accessing to the PC. 

GSP-6G equips with glycol bottle, large display and magnet holder. Glycol bottle as a thermal buffer, reflects a more accurate and stable readings during storage and transportation. Put the glycol bottle (external sensor probe) into the package or storage refrigerator and leave the device outside. The strong magnet holder holds the device firmly on the refrigerator, displaying the temperature clearly. It is easy and simple for daily temperature records at least twice a day as per the CDC guideline.

LogEt 8 PTE ultra-low temperature data logger are able to measure temperature as low as -85C (-121F). During transportation and storage of vaccines, it helps to make sure the dry ice temperature as well as the vaccine temperature. The device has 3 high-limits and 2 low-limits temperature alarm either in single or cumulative form. A “X” will show on the display as well as in the report if there is alarm happened.

3 Comment

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