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The importance of AC maintenance

  • Mar 25, 2021
  • By Elitech Technology,
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Elitech – SVP 12


   On an overheated planet, air conditioners have become more and more desirable, especially in summer. An air conditioner used to be a luxury item, but today is an affordable unit that pretty much every family can have one. Air conditioning is a simple process that helps improve the comfort of the house occupants. There are many benefits of having an air conditioner such by keeping the rooms cool and preventing heat related deaths and health complications, it helps to circulate and filter the air this is vital especially for individual who suffer from conditions such allergies and asthma, it prevents electronic devices from overheating, and it also help us to sleep better at night.

 What many people do not know is that this amazing technology that makes us cool in deep hot summers need maintenance, specialists suggests to do the maintenance at least once a year to guarantee that your air conditioner will function properly whenever you need it to.

There are many reasons that could lead to the malfunctioning of your AC. One of them is the formation of air and moisture in the long run. This can be a serious problem because the acids formed by high temperature reaction of refrigerant and moisture can destroy the condenser, the evaporator, the compressor, and any control vales in the system, as well as aluminum lines. To clean the air conditioner system, professionals of HVAC use a vacuum pump to maintain the good performance of your AC.

 The process of vacuuming can be a little overwhelming for professionals of HVAC since they must be carefully aware of time and pressure of the vacuum, in additional to several tools that they may need it. Thinking of how to make the work of HVAC processionals more convenient, Elitech has developed the intelligent SVP-12 Vacuum pump. It is digital colorful touch screen device that you can have total control of the vacuum process with using your phone, it also displays real time graph of the vacuum process, leakage level and the time remaining to finish the job. Besides that, it counts with a built-in gauges, which make the need for extra tools unnecessary.

The SVP -12 is a tool which makes the whole process a lot easier. Ignoring regular maintenance can turn into costly repairs and replacement. Avoid that scenario by keeping your air conditioner in top shape.

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