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The Market Demand for Smart Diagnostic of HVAC Tools

  • May 22, 2021
  • By Elitech Technology,
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   The so common term known as digital transformation has been happening over the last few years and it is unquestionable that the pandemic has accelerated our immersion in the digital world. As technology advances, the culture changes with it and it is reasonable that companies work on their full potential to meet the demands. We are living in an era where the need for digital technology is the key to future developments and better work. 
   With the COVID-19 pandemic, being stuck at home has changed consumer preferences and expectations. It is clear that customers are prioritizing virtual tools and services more than ever. This has brought to our attention an increase in digital HVAC tools. Space heating and cooling systems account for 44 percent of energy consumption in U.S. residences. Improper installation and maintenance of HVAC systems lead to increased energy use, unnecessary repairs, and occupant comfort issues.
   As a consequence of people spending more time at home and irregular cooling system installation, the department of energy ( DOE) is launching a new campaign that promotes the use of smart diagnostic tools to allow HVAC contractors to quickly and easily commission new HVAC systems and identify faults in existing systems.
   Following the market changes, it has led us from Elitech to invest and develop better tools to attend to the current demand. Our HVAC instruments are much smarter and intuitive having no error margin, our recent projects have shown to be more effective and convenient among HVAC professionals.
   One example is our recently launched Intelligent Manifold. The EMG Series are a digital touch screen manifold, it has a large screen displaying vacuum, pressure, and temperature, providing efficient data analysis, the unit is capable to measure superheating and cooling autocratically, it is paired with Elitech tools app via Bluetooth, there is no need to change the hoses to use the auto heat pump function, not to mention that it supports 88 different types of refrigerants.
   The EMG series Manifold was a result of the need for more accurate and efficient ways to measure critical aspects of equipment performance, such as superheat and sub-cooling. This smart diagnostic will allow less mistakes in the measuring equipment, also providing a sense of more professionalism for HVAC technicians. Elitech is in the HVAC world for many years, the evolution of our tools shows how we are always looking for better ways to innovate our products in order to make them more convenient and efficient for our customers.


 Check out our Intelligent Manifold EMG Series:


 Intelligent 2 Valves Bluetooth Digital Manifold with 5” Smart Touch Screen


 Intelligent 4 Valves Bluetooth Digital Manifold with 5” Smart Touch Screen



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