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Wildfire particulate matter may be more harmful than equal amounts of ambient PM2.5.

  • Aug 19, 2022
  • By Elitech Technology,
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Each year, Wildfires in the United States burn up to 5 million acres of land on average.

   According to reports, there are currently 59 large active fires around the country.The number of fires and acres burned in 2022 remain higher than the ten-year average. Additionally, there were three large fires reported in Idaho, Texas, and Washington.


   Wildfires can begin spontaneously but are frequently started by humans, often with disastrous results.Types of wildfires may include forest, brush, and peatland fires, depending on the landscapes affected. The major causes of these fires are loss of control of burning debris; unattended and improperly extinguished or not extinguished campfires; and sparks or heat transfer from vehicles and equipment like chain saws or recreational vehicles, including trailers.

   Resource InciWeb .The table can be ordered in ascending or descending order by  type, state or size by clicking the column name, 18th August 2022.

When wildfires begin, two major questions are asked:

  • Does the wildfire threaten people and their personal property?
  • Where is the wildfire located—in a forest, grassland, or human-dominated landscape?

   Wildfire perimeters shown here represent the total area burned for a given fire during our study period comprising 1999–2012, excluding summer months (June, July, and August). The inset figure shows the location of study region, which includes zip codes within the Santa Ana Wind domain in Southern California, USA.

 PMD 351

Why is Wildfire Smoke a Health Concern?

   According to the National Interagency Fire Center, 1,626,413 acres have been destroyed by 62 large fires and complexes across 15 states. According to toxicological studies, the health risks associated with PM2.5 from wildfires are up to ten times greater than those associated with PM2.5 from other sources.

   Wildfire smoke is a mixture of hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), gaseous pollutants (such as carbon monoxide), water vapor, and particle pollution. The biggest threat to the public's health and the primary cause of wildfire smoke is particle pollution.

   In those scenarios, keeping track of the air quality is crucial for maintaining our awareness of our health. The state of our health is frequently linked to the quality of the air. There are several tools available today that can help us breathe cleaner air. Understanding the acceptable amounts of contaminants is one of them, and it can help us live a happier and healthier life.







1 Comment

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