What is a Temperature data logger?

A temperature data logger is a compact, battery powered device that is equipped with an internal microprocessor, one or more sensors, and USB ports. It can autonomously records the temperature at set intervals in a variety of environments. Through which, users can view, manage and monitor automatically collected data and later export it to an Excel or PDF format.


Agricultural Applications

Temperature data loggers can be used to monitor and collect environmental parameters in the agricultural industry. Like recording the temperature and humidity levels of plants during seeding and growth, monitoring soil moisture, measuring environmental conditions that livestock are transported within, monitoring the storage of animal feeds.

Monitor Shipments
Temperature-sensitive products such as sea foods, medicines, and some chemicals are often monitored during transportation. A certain time period of exposure to temperatures higher than acceptable range can significantly degrade the product or shorten its shelf life. Regulations and contracts are released to make sure that temperature monitoring for some products is carried out.

Environmental Monitoring
Portable temperature data loggers can be taken to diverse locations, like mountains, deserts, jungles, mines, caves, etc to record local temperatures. They are also used in industry and laboratory situations.


Food Processing

Modern and high-quality lift put strict standards on quality and safety of the final product, it requires us to monitor the conditions in which food is processed and stored. Temperature data loggers can be applied to measure and monitor the shipping, and storage of food products. Wireless models can go one step further, they can measure, collect, and wirelessly upload data to a cell phone application.

Other Applications:

Nowadays, temperature data loggers are not only used for industrial use, but more an more come into our daily life. People use Single-use Temperature Data Logger, temperature and humidity data logger and wireless loggers to keep a track of the temperatures of home brewing, breeding house and householdl fermenting. They certainly bring much convenience to our daily life.