LKC-20T Air Quality Monitor PM2.5/PM10 Detector

Combine with laser sensor technology accurate detection for PM2.5/PM 10/temperature/humidity.
LCD display screen show the real-time test results, English interface easy and clear to read.
Perfect for home, office, car and outdoor environmental testing.
An ideal tool to monitor the air quality, a safeguard for family health.
Built in large capacity lithium battery which can be used more than 12 hours in detection.

Product Description:
Did you know that we spend 90% of our time indoor, where air can be up to 8 times more polluted? This pollution comes from our activities, the products we use, and outdoor pollution coming inside. To let you take control of your indoor air quality, we created TemTop to learn the air quality at an affordable price.

Temperature range: 0~50°C
Humidity: 0~90%RH
Atmospheric pressure: 1atm
Measurement index and range
PM2.5: 0~999.9ug/m³, resolution: 0.1ug/m³
PM10: 0~999.9ug/m³, resolution: 0.1ug/m³
Temperature: 0-50°C, resolution: 0.1°C
Humidity: 0-90%, resolution: 0.1%


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