Temtop LKC-1000S+ Air Quality Detector

LKC-1000S+ Air Quality Detector

Product Overview: 

Laser particle multi-functional detector can accurately detect indoor air quality. Adopting the high-precision electrochemical form aldehyde sensor and laser particle sensor, it can directly transform the concentration of pollutants in the air into visual data and provide air quality for you to effectively safeguard the health of your family.


Application Scope: Home, office, cab, etc.


Product Specifications:

● Name: Laser particle multi-functional detector

● Model: LKC-1000E/1000S/1000S+( refer to appendix for specific functions)

● Display mode: TFT color LCD screen

● Battery voltage: 3.7VDC

● Overall dimension: 177*65.5*32

● Power adapter: Output voltage: DC5VOutput current: 1A

● Operating environment: Temperature range: 0-50C; Humidity range: 0-90% RH; Atmospheric pressure condition: 1 atm

● Measurement index and range:

PM2.5 measurement technical index

Range: 0-999ug/m3

Resolution: 0.1ug/m3

PM10 measurement technical index

Range: 0-999ug/m3

Resolution: 0.1ugm3

Formaldehyde measurement technical index

Range: 0-5mg/m3

Resolution: 0.01mg/m3

Health Parameters Guide

Note: PM2.5(USA) is the USA standard calibration value


Operating Notice:

● The sensor used to detect PM2.5, PM10 and particles adopts laser detection theory, so objects like batting and hair should be prevented from entering the detector to avoid influencing the accuracy of test data.

● Don not put the detector in the environment where the concentration of particles is more than 500ug/m3 and that of form - aldehyde is over 1.0mg/m3 for a long time. Long-time exposure to high-concentration air pollutants will damage the sensor and make it work improperly.

● Please put the detector in a ventilated environment for 6 hours when you use it for the first time to avoid the influence of micro interfering gas inside the package.

● Avoid contact with organic solvents which include silica gel and other adhesives, paintings, drugs, oil and high-concentration gases.

● Avoid using the detector in humid environment to make sure the accuracy of test data.

● Avoid bump, strike and drop.

● Do not cover the detection port and air outlet port when using the detector.

● Be cautious of cross interference.

Formaldehyde sensor adopts high-precision electrochemical sensor due to its electrochemical reaction characteristic, the sensor may react to other gases besides the target gas. Please avoid using the detector in the environment containing the following gases to guarantee the accuracy of data.

● lt is normal to display a higher value on the detector when it is turned on for the first time or unused for a long time. Put it in a ventilated place to accelerate data recovery when you use it for the first time.

● Before detection, please keep the room airtight for 10 minutes. The detector will provide more accurate data. Please take the average value of multiple points detected in different places of the room to get its overall air quality.

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