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Who Are We ?

Elitech is committed to providing cold chain IoT solutions, has accumulated 26 years of R & D and supporting experience in the refrigeration industry, and has a global professional cold chain control monitoring laboratory and production workshop.

Global Presence

With a wide range of refrigeration products, from digital wireless data loggers, smart HVAC tools, factory calibration, software development, and around-the-clock customer support, Elitech has reached more than 40 countries since 2010.

Elitech offers a high level of monitoring and maintenance in the refrigeration field, IoT technology, wireless and smart tools, quality, and safety certificates. Our main goal is to always provide innovative alternatives to our customers to perform their work better and more conveniently.

Our products and services serve many industries, from small to large corporations’ weather is related to life science, medical and pharmaceutical industry, food, and collection storage, to a whole logistic process from manufacturing, handling, storage, and distribution. Our products also count on environmental testing technology, and local refrigeration system and many more.

Over the years, we always have been focusing on innovation surrounding our customers' needs. Our wide range of products shows our company development and efforts to make our products more efficient and convenient.

Mission and Values

Elitech Technology, Inc. has been committed to discover the advanced technology to worldwide cold chain solutions involved in multiple industries. Elitech is your trusted and qualified partner offering high-quality performance to bring you convenience.
Mission Build the intelligent monitoring network of the cold chain with technology innovation to make people's lives more convenient, healthy and better! Elitech aims to become a global leader in the cold chain IoT industry! Values Innovate technology and realize value. Quality Policy Keep improving innovative technology, create unique value and provide a wonderful experience for customers and society!

Global Reach

Elitech is a professional leader in the design, development, and manufacture of cold chain solutions, offering high quality products and service globally to multiple critical industries including life science, air quality and HVAC. 

United States:
Elitech Technology, Inc.
Tel:(+1) 408-844-4070
Address: 2528 Qume Drive #2, San Jose, CA 95131, US

United Kindom:
Elitech (UK) Limited
Tel: (+44) 208-858-1888
Address: 53 Norman Road, London, SE10 9QF

UK Brazil:
ELitech Brazil Ltda
Tel: (+55) 51-3939-8634
Address: Canoas - RS, 92410-695, Brazil

Elitech Plska Sp. Z.O.O
Tel: (+48) 605-885-502
Address: ul. Wilanowska 205-509 Józefosław

Elitech Russia
Tel: (+7) 915-167-2810
Address: 5th Donskoy Drive, No.15, Moscow, Russia