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GuideInstruction on How to Use Elitech Data Logger Software
Compatible ModelGSP-6 series, GSP-8, RC-5, RC-5+, RC-5+ TE, RC-4, RC-4HC, RC-4G, RC-51, RC-51H, Tlog 10 series, Tlog 100 series, LogEt 8 series, RC-19, RC-17, RC-17N, LogEt1 series, TinyUSB
FDA 21 ComplianceCertificate
With ElitechLog software, you can1. User-programmable parameter setting
2. Access data and export data report (PDF/XLS/TXT)
3. Display data in graph
4. Time setting
About Mac* We recommend you to search 'Elitechlog' in the APP store to obtain MAC software.