Elitech Technology, Inc- Expert of Cold Chain Management and Environment Monitoring

Founded in 1996, Elitech Technolgy,Inc is dedicated to R&D and manufacturing of products for freezing and refrigeration industry and providing remote cold chain solutions.

Temperature Data Logger

Elitech temperature and humidity data loggers allow for faster access to data collected in food processing, modern agriculture, cold chain management, pharmaceutical, medical cabinet, vaccine storage, laboratory, etc.

Air Quality Monitor

Perfect for home, office, car and outdoor environmental testing. An ideal tool to monitor the air quality, a safeguard for family health. The special histogram function show the changes of PM2.5,CO2 and HCHO in a day.

HVAC Tools Set

Elitech Technology Inc. is dedicated to developing HVAC tools, such as refrigerant charging scales, refrigerant leak detectors, and digital pressure gauges. These HVACR tools bring greater performance, reliability and usability to the trade.

Refrigerant Leak Detector

Fast Response to all kinds of halogenated refrigerants. Advanced infrared sensor, heated diode sensor and corona sensor available.Ideal tools to make the HVACR technician's job easier, faster, safer and more efficient.


As a professional manufacturer of temperature and humidity monitoring products, Elitech data loggers are widely used in Food (Produce, Meat and Poultry, Flower, Seafood, Dairy), Life Science (Hospitals and Blood, Pharmaceutical, Clinical Trials, Vaccines) and industry.


Vaccine, blood, pharmaceutical and biological must keep optimal temperature and humidity in the supply chain. Medicine will lose effect if placed in an environment higher or lower than optimal temperature and humidity, if not,it will cause personal safety problems.

Elitech provides management and storage solutions of pharmaceuticals in the whole cold chain.


As foods and flowers are easy to be perishable , To keep the quality and freshness of them,they need to be kept in proper temperature from the day they are picked.

Elitech provides various data loggers to meet clients’ needs in monitoring the temperature of the whole cold chain.


Temperature data loggers are widely used in the oversea shipments,most products in the containers need to monitor temperatures.Elitech will provide management and shipping products temperature monitoring solutions for your products overseas shipping.