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Works great

This is an excellent product. The most important thing is accuracy, and its accuracy easily passed my (admittedly less than rigorous) testing. Additionally, if you require it, you can email the manufacturer for a calibration certificate. As some other reviewers have pointed out, you'll need to make sure that the calibration certificate is appropriate for your particular industry or regulatory guidelines. The good news is that the logger and probes work right out of the box, though to get the most out of them, you'll need to install the manufacturer's software and connect using the USB cable. While it's great to be able to connect to the computer, I would have preferred to be able to do more just by pressing buttons on the device itself, but that's a relatively minor inconvenience compared with the versatility this setup allows.

An Incredibly Impressive Digital Manifold

Wow! This digital manifold gauge is awesome. I’ve only used it once so far, but everything worked as it should, it didn’t give me any problems, and I didn’t see/notice any obvious quality or performance concerns. I like this gauge even more than I thought I would. This gauge automatically gives you a lot of information and details, and, very importantly, it does it with accuracy and precision. I can’t yet speak to the longevity and reliability of this gauge, but I haven’t noticed and quality concerns or design flaws/concerns. Consequently, I don’t have any reason to believe that issues will arise. This seems like a very solid unit. Additionally, I have an Elitech vacuum pump that is time-tested and has been very reliable. So, as of right now I do think that Elitech makes impressive, high-quality HVAC equipment that you can depend on.
John Nguyen

Easy to use, Seems accurate, Good value

Because of wildfires, the outdoor air quality where I live has been pretty bad. So I bought this monitor to see what my indoor air quality is like and whether or not my air purifiers are doing their job. When I put this monitor outdoors, both the PM2.5 readings and the AQI readings are very close to the readings that nearby Purple Air monitors are showing on the Purple Air map. (To check the PM2.5 readings, you need to change the default Purple Air map display from AQI to raw PM2.5 readings.) The potential drawback is that you can't use it to continuously monitor air quality unless you have it plugged in because the battery life is pretty short. The only thing this doesn't have that I wish it did have is the ability to sample at set intervals and keep a history of the results (for example, at night while I am sleeping). However, I think you'd have to pay considerably more for such a feature.
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