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Elitech iCold - All measurement data. Always available. On any device.
We offer free Cloud access for your WiFi data logger system. You can use it to view and manage the measurement values stored online and to use the alarm function via e-mail. You can also set up your system in the Elitech iCold– simply follow the step-by-step instructions.

The advantages of the Elitech iCold at a glance
  • For the price of SMS, please refer to https://www.i-elitech.com/commonAction2.do?method=smsPrice
  • A central operating element for the monitoring, documentation and administration of all measurement locations
  • Secure protection of your measurement data in a power outage and from unauthorized access by third parties.
  • Automatic storage of your measurement values, easy data access from anywhere in the world via smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC.
  • Comprehensive alarm notification options directly to the terminal device of your choice (e-mail, APP push).
  • No software installation required: you just need a normal Internet browser to view, manage and analyze your data.
  • Comprehensive alarm notification options directly to the terminal device of your choice (e-mail, APP push).

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To download cell phone application, please scan the relative code below:

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Temperature monitoring in food production
HACCP, G 178/2002, EN 12830, IFS, SQF, ISO 22000 – as a food producer, you are confronted with numerous regulations, norms and standards which are intended to guarantee the quality and safety of food. One of the key requirements is continuous temperature monitoring along the entire production chain, including complete documentation of the measurement data.
Elitech RCW-360 WiFi data logger saves you the huge amount of work associated with this: the readings are automatically collected and documented at all critical points, and you can retrieve them from anywhere. It doesn’t get any easier or more reliable!

Environmental Monitoring for Museums, Archives, Galleries, and Libraries
For many museum visitors, the indoor climate is not noticeable as long as they feel comfortable, but for the great works of art, the right climate is a matter of long-term survival.
Whether it‘s a question of exhibition or storage – indoor climate and air quality are the key factors for private and public museums, collections, libraries or archives when it comes to safeguarding the preservation of their valuable exhibits or archive materials.
The data monitoring systems and data loggers from Elitech will help you establish the ideal climatic conditions for your objects of art, thus protecting them from mould, corrosion or deformation.


Elitech iCold Packages in Comparison:

Standard Advanced  Professional
Remote Parameter Settings
Remote Parameter Viewing
Alert Notification (Email & APP & SMS)
Data Query & Storage 30 Days 3 Years 5 Years
Data Graph Viewing
Data Export ( PDF & Excel )
Parameter Amend Notification ( Email & APP)
Sub-account Management
FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance
Prices Free          From $1.67/mon From $3.33/mon