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Over 26 years, Elitech has developed from a small hardware company to a global cold chain corporation. Offering high quality refrigeration products and advanced monitoring since 1996.
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Global Presence

With a wide range of refrigeration products, from digital wireless data loggers,  smart HVAC tools,  factory calibration,  software development,  and a round-the- clock customer support. Elitech has reached more than 70 countries since 2010

Elitech refrigeration solutions, maintenance, equipment and more….

Elitech offers high level of monitoring and maintenance in the refrigeration field, IoT technology, wireless and smart tools, quality, and safety certificates. Our main goal is to always provide innovative alternatives to our customer to perform their work better and more conveniently. Our products and services serve many industries, from small to large corporations weather is related to life science, medical and pharmaceutical industry, food, and collection storage, to a whole logistic process from manufacturing, handling, storage, and distribution. Our products also count with environmental testing technology, and local refrigeration system and many more. Over the years, we always have been focusing on innovation surrounding our customers needs. Our wide range of products shows our company development and efforts to make our products more efficient and convenient. Download our company Brochure to know more about our products. 

High qualified engineers, R&D centers, and certification

Elitech has fully equipped R&D testing labs, which are accredited in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025: 2017 General Requirements for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories and capable of completing industrial four-level EMC electromagnetic interference testing experiments. Environmental performance tests run in our labs, as well as lighting, cycle drop and electrostatic discharge test along with high/low temperature impact and heating alternating. In addition, Elitech counts with 200 qualified engineers. All our technicians and engineers are prompt to assist you on any questions, validations, or requirements that you may have. Our R&D centers are equipped with FDA software and in order to keep your devices calibrated, all our units are factory calibrated and carry a calibration certificate with an expiration date. Elitech's team are spread in all continents, allowing you to contact us within any time, anywhere. 

Customer oriented and focus on innovation

Elitech’s main focus is to always bring innovative and efficient solutions to our customers. We believe that our clients are the core of our cooperation, every comment, every conversation, every interaction is a form to learn from them, we combine our customers experiences and use it to overcome our challenges, increase our productivity by providing transparent, and reliable solutions and communication with our customers. Elitech has a long history for delivering high quality products, and what keeps us innovating year after year is setting our client’s needs as priority. That has brought us great results, our products are now globally recognized and certificated by ISO/TS 946, environmental management system certification, OHS and quality management system certification. 

Global Presence - With domestic support

The combination of our high qualified engineers, research centers, with our various sales points in the USA, China, Russia, UK, Brazil and Poland allow you to get an outstanding service all over the globe. No matter where you are, our team is ready to listen to your needs and assist you on any questions,  provide technical and calibration support or just a form to exchange knowledge and keep improving. 


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