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GuideInstruction on How to Use Elitech Data Logger Software
Compatible ModelGSP-6 series, GSP-8, RC-5, RC-5+, RC-5+ TE, RC-4, RC-4HC, RC-4G, RC-51, RC-51H, Tlog 10 series, Tlog 100 series, LogEt 8 series, RC-19, RC-17, RC-17N, LogEt1 series, TinyUSB
FDA 21 ComplianceCertificate
With ElitechLog software, you can1. User-programmable parameter setting
2. Access data and export data report (PDF/XLS/TXT)
3. Display data in graph
4. Time setting
About Mac* We recommend you to search in the APP store to obtain MAC software.


The Elitechlog data management software we make available for download on our website contain Elitech's intellectual property related to our products and research. In order to protect these intellectual property rights, we ask that you provide contact information so that we can verify your identity before granting you access to these resources.