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Intelligent Digital Manifold

The Preferred Manifold Among HVAC Professionals 

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Easy operation, total control.

Wireless Connection 

EMG-40 can easily connect with Elitech app tools and all the parameters and readings can be monitored on your phone. 

Excellent Capacity 

Equipped with a rechargeable 500mAh battery and  5V2A as charging parameter. 

Take Notes 

Electronic notes taker  available to take unexpanded notes. 

Type-C USB  

More efficient data encoding, and transfer content two times faster than the original USB port. 

Intuitive Settings 

The EMG-40 displays intuitive settings either on the phone or on the device, clear readings facilitating the navigation.

Export Data 

Easily logging the work and export to the computer, for further analyses. 

Graph Analyses 

Curve mode of High and low pressure, vacuum and holding time 

Customers Management 

The Elitech tools app allow user to add their customers' information with date and time of the work 

Smart in every detail 


Intuitive Operation

  The Elitech EMG-40 is a smart digital manifold, with very intuitive and simple operation settings, the large and sensitive screen allows users to have great visual and fast results.


Pressure and Temperature Measurements

Customers can clearly view the pressure and temperature measurements, as well as saturation temperature. The EMG-40 also provides automatic calculation of superheating and sub-cooling . The mode of refrigeration and heating can be easily switched and the desired refrigerant can be selected on the screen.


Vacuum Measurement

 The EMG-40 counts with a vacuum transmitter. It can be connected to a vacuum pump allowing users to visualize the vacuum in real time. The unit also performs a leakage test, and all the vacuum info can be seen on a dial curve mode.


Dial and Curve modes

 The dial and curve mode allow users to monitor the pressure and temperature measurement in Graph. More details and better visual for a precise analyses..

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